Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Video ______ the art star?

I got vidz.

All related to I CAN DO THAT, of course.

First, here’s the web version of One Mic, the participatory performance piece by Bronx-based artist Glendalys Medina, whom I’d met at Bronx Calling: The First AIM Biennial during my most recent trip to New York. Read a couple of her interviews here and here. (Thanks, Alissa, for providing the TV!)

At the opening reception, Peggy Shearn recorded the following outburst from art critic Prof. Arthur Typpe. (The greatest thing about this clip is the fact that you can see some visitors continuing about their artistic business as if nothing’s happening a mere three feet away from them. Behold! The power of art.)

And check out a new video of street artist Left Handed Wave doing what he does best:

(Come to the closing reception and deface a banana man. You know you want to.)

But wait! There’s more! Peep the ever-expanding list of press coverage, now with added articles from Gozamos, Arts America, and Columbia Chronicle. Thanks, all! And look out for a feature in the summer issue of Landfills Magazine, due out this June. Thanks, Po Zimmerman, for a fun interview last week and for capturing me with Avisheh Mohsenin’s I Left A Piece Of Myself In…, which was built to Avisheh’s size. Which also happens to be my size. Huzzah for the small! (Please excuse my offensively dirty hair.)

Photo by Po Zimmerman, 2012.

Lastly, thank you, Lee Eun Young, for the lovely afternoon of food, drink, and conversation. Eun Young, creator of Love Story, grew up in Korea, was educated in Paris, and has been living and working in The Netherlands for much of her life. Fellow citizens of the world, I salute you.

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