Monday, April 16, 2012

Art can be fun // I can cram hundreds of people into a stucco-walled loft

THANK YOU, everyone, for making Friday night’s I CAN DO THAT opening such a great success!

The turnout was insane (I’m talking shoulder-to-shoulder packed—well, in my case, more like shoulder-to-forehead), and, more importantly, it was wonderful to see how engaged with (participating artist Nikolas Burkhart told me about one visitor who spent 45 minutes trying to replicate one of his paintings) and even invested in (I had the privilege and honor of being witness to a group of visitors cheering when they managed to suspend a mass of pop can tabs in the middle of Angela Hearld’s sculpture via strings of hot glue) the art everyone was. Simply put, people had fun.

Unlike most other gallery openings where you show up, make a beeline for the booze, socialize with the people you know, and then leave, all without so much as even glancing at the art (errr, not like I’ve done this myself or anything…), this art show was and is all about one thing: the art!

If you took any photos, took any videos, have any questions or comments (ones I got that night: “This isn’t art time—it’s play time!,” “This is the most fun I’ve had at an art show ever,” “This is like a children’s museum… but for adults,” etc.), have any interesting or funny stories, and / or counted how many penises were drawn / painted / sculpted?… please email me at artists.on.the.lam {at}gmail {dot} com.

And please save the date for the closing reception on Friday, April 27! More art, more fun, more madness, new performances! See how everything evolves over the course of two weeks! There will also be live nude painting. Now it’s a true art party.

Until then, drop by anytime M–W, 10am–4pm (or make an appointment if those hours don’t work for you), and say hi!

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