Thursday, April 27, 2017


The Chicago Reader’s annual Best of Chicago poll is open for nominations, and it would mean the world to me if you nominate LEXICON (the interactive art show I created and curated featuring 47 artists in the 7,000 sq. ft. exhibition space of the Zhou B Art Center) for the “Best Gallery Exhibit”! Thank you! (This is the first round of voting; [hopefully] I’ll be bugging yall again in May for the final round.)

Xavier Johnson, me, and Michael Zhou the moment after
I sold Arturo Mazon's Oct on My Head to fellow artist Xavier
[in an amazing Pusheen hat]. LEXICON was Art's 1st show
ever! Photo by Gerard Rodriguez.

If you need to refresh your memory, check out the LEXICON tag for related blog posts!

(Also, a few people have told me they had trouble viewing the ballot depending on their desktop browser. Mobile worked for me, as did Microsoft Edge [aww yeah Windows 10 default] for desktop. Let me know if you need help!)

More words of gratitude: Thank you to everyone who visited The Subject Is Chicago: People, Places, Possibilities at the Chicago Cultural Center, where my interactive installation was on display! The exhibition (thank you again to the museum and to the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events!) may be over, but I’m still sharing one postcard a day, every day, at @DreamsOfACity. Keep following along!

(Speaking of my project, Dreams of a City was mentioned as one of the highlights in this article about the exhibition. Thank you, Loyola Phoenix and Marc Rosales II! There are some great visitor quotes in the piece too.)

In other Chicago art news: 150 Media Stream, a new media art installation of 89 LED panels inside 150 N. Riverside, is now open to the public! The first rotating artist is Jason Salavon.

In case you’re wondering about my recent Hong Kong trip, I’ll be writing a post about it soon / “soon”! In the meantime, check out my photos at @artistsonthelam on Instagram.

Me at Art Basel Hong Kong. Iván Navarro,
Impenetrable Room, Paul Kasmin Gallery.
Photo by my mom.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Southern Song

I’m traveling to Hong Kong today! (Thank you to Art Basel, Art Central, and Asia Contemporary Art Show for inviting me to your VIP programs again!) You know what to do; follow along on Instagram and Twitter for live updates and photos.

Some of my phone photos from last year's Hong Kong trip.

As you also know, I’m usually on my own for my annual HK trip. This year, however, my mom’s tagging along so she can finally record an album there! She’s an amazing Cantonese opera singer, and I’m so happy she’ll finally be able to share one of her myriad gifts with the world. I’m also happy because this means double the food portions I usually order. Watch out, HK; we Lam ladies are gonna’ come eat all your dim sum.

My mom at the storefront her family owned
and lived behind and above
in Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

To tide you over ‘til I’m back: Part of my ongoing large-scale interactive mapping project is currently on view at the Chicago Cultural Center, selected by the City of Chicago as part of the “Year of Public Art” initiative for 2017. People back home, check out the exhibition if you haven’t yet and get the chance. And everyone everywhere, follow my Dreams of a City account, where I’m sharing one Chicago postcard a day, every day. (The last time I counted, there were 356. After my art-making event during the Open House a couple weeks ago, though? Expect even more!)

Monday, February 27, 2017

City of [Ours]

Me at The Subject Is Chicago: People, Places, Possibilities exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center Open House (check out whose name is next to [/ repping Ward] 32):

Thank you to everyone who came on Saturday (your support means everything to me), to everyone who participated in my art-making event (I ran out of postcards within the hour! so amazing), and, of course, to the museum and to the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events for selecting me and giving me this opportunity! And to the fellow exhibiting artists who came by my table, it was so wonderful meeting you! What a kind, creative, and overall incredible group to be a part of.

If you missed it, the show runs ‘til April 9, and you can (and should, to be honest) follow my ongoing interactive public art / mapping project at @DreamsOfACity, where I’m sharing one mapped Chicago postcard a day, every day. (As of this writing, there are 356.)

And, via my Twitter, here are some Oscars thoughts.

Monday, February 13, 2017

People, Places

I went and checked out the exhibition I was selected for, and only a fraction of my postcards are on display and you’re unable to see both sides (I envisioned them suspended from the ceiling, with visitors able to touch and handle each one), heh. (Not ungrateful, by the way; I’m still so honored to be exhibiting at the Chicago Cultural Center, and I’m proud to be the artist chosen to represent Chicago’s 32nd ward in this show! Thank you, again, to those who gave me this opportunity.)

I want you guys to be able to see all 355 cards. So I’m sharing 1 every day at my new Instagram account, @dreamsofacity. Follow along!

Scanned, protected, and matched the dates and locations of 355 postcards
I got back over the past 4 1/2 years.
You're looking at the hopes and dreams of a city.

(More about Dreams of a City, my ongoing large-scale interactive public art / mapping project, including scans of all cards in the 2008 New York City edition, at this old page.)

In other Chicago news: The Field Museum is free for IL residents all February! (I applaud them for releasing a statement against the Muslim ban.)

(I also applaud the National Park Service for going rogue. Especially [mostly?] because I’ve been wearing their gear I won from their Centennial Project, like, every other day for the past year.)

Also, apparently On The Real Film made a print of what I said in my episode of their political documentary Transition to Power! All profits from sales of the poster will go to the good cause of your choice.

Hope everyone had a lovely Chinese New Year! (Here are a couple glimpses into mine.) May your Year of the Rooster be filled with love, prosperity, and #resistance.

Friday, January 13, 2017


I’ve been selected to exhibit my art at the Chicago Cultural Center! The exhibition is called The Subject Is Chicago: People, Places, and Possibilities and runs February 11 to April 9. Thank you, City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events!

Hope” for 2017 indeed.

(P.S. As an addendum to the previous post, after the Anti-Inauguration Screening of Transition to Power is an Action Session. I’ll be there. Come!)

Monday, January 9, 2017


Happy New Year! I was interviewed for the political documentary Transition to Power, and my episode’s up! In collaboration with Sixty Inches From Center, On The Real Film’s web series “dives into the aftermath of the election through the eyes of artists.” Thank you, again, for asking me to participate, Erin Babbin and Michael Sullivan! (Special cameo by my “Rebel Scum” sweater.)

(How do y’all like my new Facebook cover photo?)

(And, uh, related to something I said in the video, this happened.)

As mentioned in the previous post, there will be an Anti-Inauguration Screening of the film (including new episodes and unreleased footage) on January 20, 7-9pm, on the 5th floor of Mana Contemporary Chicago in Pilsen. Snacks and beverages will be available, and the event is free and open to the public. (Then go protest!)

[Update: Apparently OTRF made a print of the transcript!

All profits from sales of this poster will go to the good cause
and organization of your choice.

From an amazing night with amazing people at the Action Session.]

Another freebie for locals: The Art Institute of Chicago’s Free Winter Weekdays for Illinois residents begin today. Also, free year-round museum admission has been extended to Chicago teens ages 14-17.

Lastly, the response to “Hope,” my year in review and words for the future, has been overwhelming. Thank you, everyone. Keep reading, keep sharing, and keep commenting!

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