Wednesday, November 27, 2013


From laughing with friends during egregiously inappropriate moments to selling four artists’ works* to emerging, past one in the morning, onto the craziest roof after climbing up three ladders through the craziest attic with a bunch of crazy people (I love you all), Saturday night was amazing. Thank you, everyone.

*(James T. Green’s Post-Black animated GIF, Robin Rios’ Quiet aluminum print, several pieces from English Prevo’s Agora series, and Jessie Winslow’s Untitled mixed media photo collage.)

Party photos forthcoming.

English Prevo.

An excerpt from (and an addendum to) last month’s “King of Kowloon” post got published in Rad Brown Dads, which is pretty rad itself.

Event to attend: New Yorkers, go to this celebration hosted by my friends Stephanie Lindquist, Courteney Ervin, and Glendalys Medina. Learn about different ways to expand your creativity.

Events to find me at: I’ve just received VIP invitations to PULSE and UNTITLED, both of which I loved last year (you can find out why in one of the most read posts of 2012). I’ll be there, as well as the Art Basel Miami Beach VIP Vernissage and everything else I scored free passes to (that’s the way to do it).

Americans, enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend! Everyone else, stuff your faces anyway!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Sixty Inches From Center and Autotelic’s birthday bash—with an exhibition curated by yours truly—is tonight! I just finished installing the art last night, and, you guys, the show looks so. good. So good. Can’t wait for you all to see it!

A teaser.

Chicago, come party with us. There will be cake. And cocktails. And tamales. And performances. And games. And raffle prizes. And tarot readings. And cake.

And tamales.

After the jump, peep a few installation shots I’ve taken over the past week:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Gut Punch of a Buff

It looks like demolition of 5 Pointz really is happening; the graffiti mecca has been whitewashed.

Photo by Ian Kwok, 2007. When I used to look like a spy, apparently.

Sigh. This was one of my favorite spots in New York. Here are some photos I took in 2007. (You can also watch the Flickr slideshow below.)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Uptown Pearls

Curating a show, in a space like this, within one month (slash two weeks since I just finalized the list of artists and the opening’s on the 23rd)? Challenge accepted.

Photo by Heather Fritz.

(In case you didn’t see the update in the previous post, the building used to house a bank, and, according to Uptown-er and excellent local history source Jeffrey Littleton, it was originally a vaudeville theater. What a place for an art exhibition.)

[And an update for this post: Take a look at the first art installed. Jason Hawk is the man.]

And for the ultimate “Throwback Thursday”: Wrote this when I was 5.

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