Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Center Stage

Friday night’s opening reception for Sweet Home Chicago!:

Crowd during the opening reception of Sweet Home Chicago group exhibition at 4th Floor Gallery in Bridgeport Art Center
In the middle of my crowd shot: My mom in the white pants and my dad in the white
mask looking at a sculpture.

The few times I was near my piece it was fun seeing folks talk to each other about it.

Missed it? Not to worry; the exhibition runs through September 1, and there’ll be another 3rd Fridays Open Studios event on August 8. Location: Bridgeport Art Center, 4th Floor Gallery.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Building Bridges

This Friday! I have a piece in the group exhibition Sweet Home Chicago, part of the Bridgeport Art Center’s 3rd Fridays Open Studios event. RSVP here and enjoy 6 floors of art!

Bridgeport Art Center's 3rd Fridays Open Studios event for July 21, 2023, 7-10pm, free, in Chicago

Hope to see you there!

Friday, July 14, 2023

A Pick-Me-Up

The local exhibition I’m in, Sweet Home Chicago, is one of Sixty Inches from Center’s July Art Picks! Thanks, Sixty!

Sixty Inches from Center's July Art Picks of art events and exhibitions in Chicago and the Midwest, featuring Sweet Home Chicago at the Bridgeport Art Center's 4th Floor Gallery

The show opens in exactly one week at the Bridgeport Art Center’s 4th Floor Gallery, 7-10pm. It’ll be fun; there are over 70 participating artists!

Monday, July 10, 2023

Urbs in Horto

As an addendum to this post: I’ve just been announced as one of the Semifinalists for the Urban Photo Awards 2023! Thank you to the Super Jury!

A screenshot of Jenny Lam's "On the Boardwalk" photograph as one of the Semifinalists of Urban Photo Awards 2023, Trieste Photo Days. The photo was shot on an iPhone 5s in 2014 and is of the pavilion by Studio Gang in the Lincoln Park Zoo's Nature Boardwalk in Chicago. The photo is composed in such a way that the sculptural pavilion frames Chicago's skyline.

Also, my photos (On the Boardwalk and Petal, both shot on my iPhone 5s in 2014) will be exhibited at Trieste Photo Days in Italy! This will be my second year in a row showing my work in the international photography festival.

(Before then, you can view Petal in Sweet Home Chicago at the 4th Floor Gallery of the Bridgeport Art Center starting on the 21st!)

Friday, July 7, 2023

It Pours

My 2017 photo Singing Sands—shot on my iPhone 5s—has been selected to be exhibited in Ancestral Landscapes: Investigating Heritage and Home at NOT REAL ART! View the show here. Thank you to curator Kirsten Bengtson-Lykoudis for choosing my work.

Singing Sands by Jenny Lam, shot on iPhone 5s, exhibited in NOT REAL ART's Ancestral Landscapes exhibition

(This is a photograph I took while walking to Crescent Lake after a camel ride on Echoing Sand Dune, a.k.a. Singing Sand Dune, or Mingsha Shan, or Mingsha Mountain, in the oasis of Dunhuang—which in ancient times was a bustling hub on the Silk Road—in Gansu province, China. One of my favorite places on Earth. View more of my mobile photography here.)

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