Friday, August 16, 2013

Sun in Leo

How much you impress people is inversely proportional to your time spent on this planet. (Last day being 25 = Deleting my age from my bio everywhere.)

I met with a Dreams of a City assistant a couple days ago and she showed me this gorgeous mural she helped design. Still in progress, much of it is being created by local teens hired by Green Star Movement through After School Matters. Very inspiring.

Underpass at Hiawatha and Kinzua, Edgebrook.

And more art for Chicagoans to be excited about: In September 2014, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (which is free every Tuesday!) will be the U.S. venue for the world tour of the David Bowie is exhibition. (That gives me about 13 months to fix my broken Aladdin Sane bottle cap necklace.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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