Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One trip around the sun // Hol den Vorschlaghammer!

Today, this blog turns 1! Within the span of one wondrous year, together, we’ve: shaken up the scene with big and ambitious and impassioned showshopped all over the art world without forgetting local talentembroiled ourselves in debates and discussions and [hopefully] learned a thing or two; ­­and revealed the creativity and kinship and spirit of this global art community in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined.

Whether you’ve been following since the beginning or you’re a newcomer [confused out of your mind and wondering how you got here in the first place], thank you. To another year and many more to come!

To celebrate / “celebrate”… Here. Have some of my favorite search keywords that [somehow] led some visitors to this site: “art that is emotionally confusing,” “how many werewolves does it take to screw in a lightbulb,” “jenny tbh i do still like you and i dunno do you want,” “should i pursue my coworker,” “when you see this you know shit just got serious.”

And the art travels continue! Starting next week, I’ll be running amok in Switzerland (Zürich, Basel, Lucerne, Berne, Lausanne, Geneva) and Germany (Berlin). Time to brush up on my German by busting out my old mp3s of Wir sind Helden’s Die Reklamation. (Kidding.) (Not really.)

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