Thursday, March 27, 2014

The world is a vampire

As you may recall from earlier posts, I was invited to be the guest juror for Water Street Studios’ spring show, which opens April 11. Sunday was the jury date, and I was told this was the most entries WSS has ever received for an exhibition; 100 artists submitted about 4 works each. (Thanks, artists, for letting me look at your art; and thanks, WSS, for the opportunity!) Here’s one of them:

You can see this piece—and dozens more—in person in a couple weeks, Chicagolanders!

Another free upcoming event:

  • Do this, New Yorkers! 50 professors are giving free lectures in bars throughout the city on April 29. Knowledge and booze. Two of my favorite things. (Speaking of New York, I’ll be there the last weekend of May, and although my schedule is already filling up, if you know of anything a bit under the radar that you think I should check out during that time, tell me!)

Things to keep an eye on:

  • I also got to preview my friend Chyanne Husar’s chiNAgo (how great is that portmanteau?), an ambitious project that explores cultural gains and losses in rapidly developing societies.

And some important announcements about this particular artist on the lam:

  • That awkward moment when the guy in charge of sending your college class quarterly updates about your peers mistakenly includes a four-month-old automated out-of-office message of yours as an update about you. (I’d like to think that at least this little community inadvertently received some free promotion because of it, but instead of just, you know, copying and pasting my vacation responder, he edited / re-typed it and misspelled this site’s URL. …CU ’09 is quite the class.) But if you’re a Columbian who read that note and somehow made it here anyway, welcome / well done.

  • Last but not least: I’ve updated the “About” page with some quotes. (Scroll past the “Best of” images.)

Happy end of Smarch!

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