Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Hour of Magic

Baby’s first art fair!

The Artists on the Lam booth is near the southwest corner of the absolutely gorgeous Mana Contemporary floor that MdW Fair is in, and our window faces west (look at that golden hour light!); come watch the sunset with us during the Vernissage on Friday!

I went today to plan where each artwork would go on the wall. The artists [on the lam] will start installing tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Artists on the Lam presents
Mini edition at MdW Art Fair
Curated by Jenny Lam
Cristy Corso
Emily Calvo
Nancy Bechtol
Zachary Trebellas
& you

Tuesday, September 6, 2022


I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been selected to exhibit my 2020 photo Torres del Paine and my 2015 photo Fall in Love—both shot on my iPhone 5s—in Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery’s 12th Annual Landscapes Art Exhibition, and I’m one of the Top Winning Artists in the Photography & Digital Category! Thank you, LST! View the show here and view more of my mobile photography here.

Torres del Paine (early January 2020)

Sold: My 2016 sketches Of Dragons and Assassin II! Thank you so much to the collector for your support! (It’s like the universe balanced things out; that day I hired a fellow artist to be an attendant for my upcoming art fair booth, and then less than an hour later I received a notification about this sale!) If anyone else is interested in giving my art a new home, more of my handmade illustrations/drawings and paintings are available for purchase here.

Of Dragons (2016)

Assassin II (2016)

Here’s a little video I took before sending them off. (Not pictured: How nerve-wracking slowly tearing out Assassin II from my sketchbook without ripping it was.)

And: The updated COVID-19 booster (the one that finally helps protect against omicron) is available in the Chicago area! I scheduled my appointment at Walgreens for next week. Get your shots!

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