Monday, July 18, 2016

Princess Warrior

I am so happy to announce that I’ll be representing Sheila Arora—one of my LEXICON artists—as an artist agent! (Yes, artist, independent curator, writer, artist agent, mad scientist… I’m a woman of many graphic t-shirts hats.) Sheila’s paintings are an explosion of creativity and color and I couldn’t be more proud to rep them and their creator.

Sheila Arora, Circle Tribe, acrylic on canvas.

Get excited for an interview with Sheila, spotlights on her work, and more!

Speaking of LEXICON, the page (mentioned in the previous post) comparing your written Post-it notes with the artists’ original statements is forthcoming!

(And a reminder to follow Artists on the Lam on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr.)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Sold Love & Oil by Aisha Yousaf and my own sketches, Night Nurse, Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder, Force, and AKA, to Michael Zhou! (First time I put my own art into a show I curated too. [Even though those of you who came to the exhibition know that I hid my drawings in a corner.]) Thank you, Mike!

LEXICON has come down (I was in the space yesterday staring at empty walls), but it’ll live on online; stay tuned for photos of your Post-it notes, as well as the reveal of the artists’ original statements!

Until then: Here, have a photo by Gerard Rodriguez of me in front of Capacity #2 by Brianna Lynn Hernandez Baurichter, charcoal on paper. (Yes, I wore an Éowyn-slapping-the-Witch-King-of-Angmar-a-la-Batman-with-Robin shirt at last week’s artist talks and demos.)

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Sold Oct on My Head by Arturo Mazon last night! As mentioned in the opening reception follow-up post, LEXICON is Art’s first show ever. Thank you to Xavier Johnson—who’s an artist himself / is wearing his amazing Pusheen hat—for supporting emerging talent!

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the LEXICON artist talks, demos, and workshops (which have been featured in Chicago Artist Resource’s Notable Events of the week—thanks!) yesterday evening! Like the opening, it was a blast, and if you continue playing around with your scratchboards at home, take photos of them! I’d love to see your end results. And thank you to artists Angie Redmond, Lisa Goesling, and Zachary J. Williams for letting us into the world of your creative process!

Angie Redmond, Standing Tall with My Purple Rain, oil.

LEXICON ends this Saturday (sniff). If you haven’t gotten a chance to see—and be a part of—the interactive exhibition yet, go! And if you take photos/videos, share them online with the tag #LEXICONchicago!

Friday, July 1, 2016


LEXICON continues! A couple of the interactive show’s artists will be doing talks and demos this coming Wednesday, July 6, 6pm. Create and take home your own etchings, as taught by Lisa Goesling, and watch Angie Redmond (whose works are in the first photo in the previous post) do a live painting!

Lisa Goesling, Spontaneous Combustion, clay & India ink scratchboard.

Admission is free, and all you need to bring is an x-acto knife for Lisa’s workshop. Invite yourself to the Facebook event page.

Also, LEXICON’s been featured in 18 pages of the July/August issue of ACS Magazine! Thank you, Renee LaVerne Rose!

And! I have a new post on Time Out Chicago: 8 art gallery exhibitions to see this month.

Happy 4th of July weekend!

[Update! Zachary J. Williams, who did this powerful painting, will be answering a few questions at the artist talk as well!]

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