Photo by Chris Barrett.
Jenny Lam is an artist, artist agent, independent curator, writer, troublemaker, and all-around nerd. Here at Artists on the Lam, the 20-something blogs about the artists she represents, the exhibitions she curates, her art adventures around the globe, news in the art world, and other art-related topics, at local, national, and international levels.

Jenny graduated from Columbia University in the City of New York. A globetrotting polyglot, a graphic T-shirt addict, an INTJ, and the Chicago-born only child of immigrants from Hong Kong, she has:

founded a free English tutoring program for inner city youth; interned at Christie’s; volunteered as a mentor to students in Harlem; gone tagging; crammed a thousand college kids into a Brooklyn bathhouse for an underground music and multimedia festival; run an art gallery that prided itself in audience-participatory public projectile painting happenings; received complaints from OSHA for building a 12-ft.-tall sculpture in a stairwell; lived in Germany for a foreign exchange program, an experience slightly different from medaling at a German poetry recitation competition a few months earlier; participated in [the swimming segment of] a triathlon; bleached a jar of human teeth; had her short story—a civil rights allegory of dragons rising up against their human oppressors—published at the age of 13; and politely declined a job offer as a storyboard artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios, telling the director she “would want to attend college first,” at the age of 8.

She can’t whistle.

A “polymath wave-maker,” “One of Chicago’s most impressive curators,” “A pioneer.” –Gapers Block

“A force to be reckoned with,” “Her drive and passion are unmatched,” “She pursues greatness not only in herself but also in others,” “She truly embodies everything that we, in the art world, need.” –Robin Rios, Owner / Director, 4Art Gallery

“Captivating,” “A sharp eye for cutting edge work,” “Charismatic and experimental, Her exhibitions [are] fresh and unforgettable.” –Tempestt Hazel, Co-Founder / Executive Director, Sixty Inches From Center

“Im impressed by what shes doing – creating, finding, following her own path in the Chicago art scene,” “Shes been on my radar,” “Shes just curated a charming show, “The pieces are fun, multi-faceted, and engaging.” –Paul Klein, Art Critic, when Jenny started out; “Weird, “An awesome human. –Paul Klein, Art Critic, 5 years later

The best in the game!” Stuart Hall, Curator / Artist

A fearless curator. –Peggy Shearn, Exhibiting Artist

A powerhouse. –Renee LaVerne Rose, Editor-in-Chief, ACS Magazine

Incomparable, Inspiring, The voice of kindness, one that deserves to be loud. Nathan Bam Stanton, Exhibiting Artist

The best, Love working with [Jenny]! Its been so fun! Sheila Arora, Client / Represented Artist

“A prodigy / genius.” –pretty much everyone throughout childhood and adolescence

“What happened?” –pretty much everyone after that

“Who?” –Socrates

“I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle.” –Kanye West
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