Tuesday, April 30, 2019


First, two updates:

I’ve been invited to speak on a panel about Asian representation in entertainment and media at Facebook Chicago for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Save the date; the event is Wednesday, May 22, 4-6pm, at 191 N. Upper Wacker Drive. [5/15 edit: Whoops, was just told this isnt open to the public.]

I got interviewed by Voyage Chicago! (Half a year ago, but the article was recently published, heh.) Take a look!

My story on Voyage Chicago.

Two reminders:

I have an upcoming art exhibit at the Bessie Coleman Branch of the Chicago Public Library in Woodlawn throughout May, also in celebration of AAPIHM!

Chicago Public Library's news about my AAPIHM exhibit 2019.

Midwest artists, today is your final day to submit to Line Dot’s 3rd Annual Juried Art Show! I’m one of the guest judges; I’d love to see your work. All the details for the open call are here.

And just because:

Here’s a lovely new mural by Ouizi in an alley in West Town, just in time for spring.

Mural by Ouizi, West Town, Chicago, 2019.

(This post has been quite the unceremonious non-transition from my previous posts which I wrote during the beginning of my annual Hong Kong trip for Art Basel, I know.)

Happy almost May!

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