Tuesday, July 3, 2018


I was one of the guest judges for Line Dot Editions’ open call summer group show, Hot Fun in the Summertime (this was the voting process), and it opens July 19! Come! It’s free, and all the exhibiting artists are based in Chicago and/or the Midwest; support local artists!

This photo cracks me and my parents up. Read why--and
learn more about this young monk who guided us through
Labrang Monastery, Xiahe, Gansu, China--here.

My Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month exhibit at the West Chicago Avenue Branch of the Chicago Public Library may be over, but 1) you can view those [and more of my] Silk Road photos online here and here; and 2) you should still go and explore Austin and see that the neighborhood is more than how it’s portrayed in the news.

(On the subject of my Silk Road photos, this traveling monk knew the monk who guided my parents and me at Labrang Monastery and found and commented on my photo of him yesterday! What a world.)

Spotted in my neighborhood yesterday: "The only ICE we like" by
CHema Skandal. (Also, spot the Dreams of a City postcard.)

Apologies for the lack of posts these past couple months; for the first time in 7 years, I moved! (3 blocks away from my old apartment, but still.) And this was the first thing I did in my new place. A quick round-up of some other stuff I’ve been up to that I haven’t mentioned yet: being Chinese; becoming a founding member of Block Club Chicago (support local journalism!); reminding (or educating), finding inspiration and strength; inadvertently bringing joy to a personal source of inspiration and strength; going on interactive art tours; pouring one out for Quenchers Saloon, the venue where I publicly shared, for the first time, some of the postcards from Dreams of a City; looking back at the Zeitgeist of 20 years ago through a kid’s eyes; [re-]telling my family’s refugee story; having sweet encounters at Target; and live-tweeting Westworld and getting in my feelings.

Happy summer! Read Outside Season has begun.

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