Thursday, April 12, 2012

One more day, one day more // [flag wave]

A couple announcements before I get to more installation photos:

  • Between the opening and closing receptions, gallery hours will be M–W, 10am–4pm, and by appointment.

And more photos! 

(From top to bottom, art by: Left Handed Wave, first profiled here, with another cameo by yours truly; Peggy Shearn, former Exquisite Corpse participant; Imaginathan (Nathan Stanton), quoted below; and Gabriel Garcia-Frairewith an arrangement that allows gallery-goers to mimic the way he works.)

On artists: “You’re creating. You’re creating something that didn’t exist before. That’s miraculous.”

Wise words from participating artist Nathan Stanton, who literally gives away and leaves his artwork out on the street for the public to take. Part of a 2-hour-long conversation we had that included geeking out over the Beats, discovering that we share the same birthday, and thinking about putting a Slip ‘n’ Slide in the gallery, except with feathers instead of water. (Clarification: No, there will not be a Slip ‘n’ Slide at this show, which features nearly 70 works of art. Someday, however. Someday.)


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