Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eat your art out

Release the Kraken I CAN DO THAT press… release! Read it here. The image used is Anti by participating artist Brandon Kirkman:

Image courtesy of Brandon Kirkman.

At the show, a special guest / art critic will be making an appearance. He may or may not yell at you. Until then, you can follow his blog on the hip and not-dated-at-all platform that is LiveJournal.

Ummmm so my postcard project Flickr album has been up for less than a week, yet it has, as of this typing, over 1,200 views already. Just… I mean… what. Seriously and simply: thank you. For sharing it and spreading the word, for your enthusiasm, for your excitement. I’m flooredthe response has been downright overwhelming. People have been emailing me, telling me that they want to start the same project in their own cities, that they feel inspired to take action and realize their own dreams. And many of you are urging me to turn it into a book. And you know what? I will!

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