Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Chosen Ones // T-Minus 1 Month

The artists for I CAN DO THAT have been selected! They hail from across the country and around the world, and there’s plenty of local talent as well. Congratulations to Alyssa Trainor, Angela Hearld, Avisheh Mohsenin, Brandon Kirkman, Brooks Golden, Caitlin Bergh, Carisa Mitchell, Chris Barrett, Chris Busse, Clarisse Perrette, David del Bosque, Dead Squirrel, DRIP-EX, Dubi Kaufmann, Emmanuel L. White Eagle, Fernanda Quaglia, Gabor E. Nagy, Gabriel Garcia-Fraire, Glendalys Medina, Gracie Cannell, Imaginathan, Janet Mamon, Jared Haberman, Kathleen Enright, Kev Anderson, Kyra Termini, Lee Eun Young, Left Handed Wave, Mister Vibe, Nancy Bechtol, Nikolas Burkhart, Noel DeGaetano, Pancho Panoptes, Patricia Biesen, Peggy Shearn, Peter Dzubay, Predrag Djordjevic, Rachel Dennis, Robin Jiro Margerin, Scot West, Sioban Lombardi, Zachary Trebellas …and you.

Previews of the art to come!

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