Tuesday, March 6, 2012

wolf in Lam's clothing

The artwork submission window for I CAN DO THAT is now closed! (Of course, almost half the total submissions came in the last couple days. Ahh, human nature. But at least no one did what I would’ve done in similar situations / in college, which would entail searching for and finding a corrupt file on my computer on Sunday night, renaming said file, and then attaching that file to an email, to which the poor professor it addressed would respond saying s/he can’t open the document and I’d email back after some time all “golly I wonder why Prof well see if this one works” and then attach the real completed assignment and still manage to get an A okay I do not condone this behavior nor will I ever fall for it.) (Sorry, professors.)

To everyone who applied: Thank you! You’ll be hearing back from me by the end of the week. To everyone else: Many of the submissions are brilliant. I am beyond excited for this show.

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