Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trapper Keepers with Curators

We all know how important it is to exercise our right to vote. Which is why I’m calling on you to complete [at least a small fraction of] NewCity’s 20th Annual Best of Chicago poll, in which you can vote for I CAN DO THAT in the “Best Art Exhibit” category! (Here are photos to refresh your memory.) Just type I CAN DO THAT, in all caps, into the text box. (Note: You need to vote in at least five categories for your ballot to count.) Spread the word!

Weekend pick: I’m so glad I got a chance to catch the opening of Exquisite Corpse artist Robin Rios’ Bustes en Rose: Art + Fashion Against Breast Cancer show at the Zhou B Art Center last night. Here’s her own piece in the exhibition:

No photograph, however, can capture how awesome it is. Chicagoans, I urge you to see it—along with works by over 35 other artists and fashion designers—in person today or tomorrow during the Bridgeport Art Walk, an official Chicago Artists Month event.

And I just have to share this photo of Robin from last night. One of my life mentors, ladies and gentlemen. Like a futhermucking boss. Or pimp*. (Giving some poor soul her epic side-eye.)

*I do recall, years ago as one of her summer interns, her bestowing upon us younglings the following advice regarding behavior at gallery openings: “You gotta work it like two-bit hookers.” …It all makes sense now.

Light reading: My second article about Expo Chicago has been picked up by the international art fair’s official blog, The Seen. If you haven’t read it yet, do it now! (Or whenever. It’s the weekend. Take your time. Make some coffee. Stomp through some crunchy-looking leaves.) It’s a follow-up interview with Tony Karman, Expo’s Founder and Director, as well as a look into the inaugural fair’s aftermath and future.

Art travel news: I’ll be in LA in the beginning of February and have been compiling a long list of art-related things to see and do there (which I’ll of course be documenting). Get excited. But before that: I’ve been invited to the Art Basel Miami Beach VIP Vernissage, which is in the beginning of December. I will be there. Thus enabling my rapidly escalating international art fair addiction. (Hong Kong and Switzerland, what have you done?)

And: Tonight, from 6-9pm, is the continuation of my project’s Chicago launch at Tocco (1266 N. Milwaukee Ave.), part of Art Depth’s Chicago Artists Month exhibition. See you there!

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