Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall into place // Rocktober

Hope you’re enjoying the fruits of fall! The figurative ones. Because the literal ones are impossible to enjoy given their antecedents. (Blueberries are out of season now? Go away, squash.) I’ve been keeping myself quite busy (my natural state):

Did you get a chance to check out Expo Chicago a couple weeks ago? Unlike the Dark Knight, it was the international contemporary art fair Chicago deserved and needed. My interview with Tony Karman was picked up by The Seen, the exposition’s official blog, and I covered the Vernissage opening night private preview; you can view photos of my highlights on Facebook and Flickr.

Over the weekend, I guested on the O.C. Dweeb nerd podcast. The hosts and I talked art and geekery and kept getting into long tangents about Batman (I’m beginning to sense a trend). We also may or may not have been drinking whiskey out of Styrofoam cups. The podcast will air this Wednesday, October 3, at

Most importantly:

Art Depth. Image courtesy of Cheryl Postrozny, 2012.

This Saturday, October 6, I will be a Featured Artist in Art Depth’s 3rd Annual Interactive Art Party and Black Water Dragon exhibition, both part of Chicago Artists Month. Now, I could’ve used this as a chance to, you know, show my own artwork, as artists tend to do when invited to participate in art shows. But that just wouldn’t be my style, man. So, naturally, I’m throwing my own interactive art party.

You might recall when I mentioned my postcard project, in which I mapped the dreams of a city.

I’m bringing this labor of love to Chicago, and it’ll be even larger in scope this time around. Saturday marks its official launch.

I invite you all to come and share your dreams (anonymously, of course, unless you want to reveal your identity), via image, text, and / or any other method of self-expression. These dreams will not only be displayed throughout the duration of the exhibition, but will also be part of a year-long project, culminating in a large-scale installation, show, and book.

In addition to sharing dreams, guests will be invited to let go of their fears, literally. There will be balloons on which guests can write / draw the things that are holding them back, and towards the end of the night, we’ll release them into the sky.

If you have a Facebook account, invite yourself to the event page.

(The details if you are Facebook-less:
Mautene Court
1264 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Also, I’d like to say that I was just (like, within the past hour as I type) paid a great compliment by composer Renee Baker, who called me “a free spirit” and explained that “It’s encouraging to see that not all creativity and spontaneity is drummed out by a greedy system.” Thank you, Renee. You made my day.

Bonus email exchange excerpt (also within the past hour):

“The idea is to get messy without having to be naked.” –Caitlin Bergh

(Kind of tempted to leave that context-less.)

(Brainstorming possible performances for the party.)


  1. Jenny, you are really "out there" and with all even the FB-faceless! that is good!!! I missed it all this time I got caught in my own art web for works due this Oct 12 at ARC Gallery opening an Oct 13 at the "Lost Artists Colony" ---but dear 'free spirit'--hey I like that a bright truth!.. keep me in mind for the next Artists on the Lam forever more. ---- looking for evidence -- on Flickr...soon sure u will post!!

    1. No worries, Nancy--you'll have another chance on the 20th!

      Best of luck with your show! There's so much going on that weekend, but if I can make it, I'll let you know.

      And yes, of course!


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