Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I’ve been selected as a First Prize Winner for the National Park Service and National Park Foundation’s Centennial Project! This means I get an annual pass to all U.S. national parks in 2016! And it’s all because you voted for a drawing I made when I was 15. Thank you! I love you!

Me basking in the morning sun and in The Marble Temple,
Bangkok, Thailand.

On the subject of travel, in case you missed the previous post, I’ve returned from a family trip to Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Thailand, and uploaded my photos pretty much all over the place. (And on the local level, here are my recommendations for Chicago art exhibitions to check out in February.)

And on the subject of personal artwork, I haven’t forgotten my Scribble Sunday series. For now, you can visit this Tumblr tag, this Pinterest board, and Instagram for past doodles and sketches of mine. (And! I’m continuing to accept drawing commissions.)

Happy Chinese New Year!

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