Monday, July 14, 2014

Get Your Kicks

Sixty Inches From Center’s “Dialogue: Writing in the Margins” event is this Thursday, 6-8pm. Come! It’ll be my first time on a panel and I’d love to see your beautiful faces in the audience.

Illinois residents: The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is free every Tuesday! Spend a summer evening on their terrace with some live jazz.

Obligatory MCA spiral staircase shot.
And congrats to Germany for winning the World Cup! Fact: Exactly 10 years ago, I was living in Germany. (In high school, thanks to an übernerd program I was in, I got to be a part of a foreign exchange, spending 3 weeks in Hamburg and 1 week frolicking all over the south.)

Atop the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain,
summer 2004.



  1. Snap! You mean there was a panel named “Dialogue: Writing in the Margins” OMG. I totally missed it. It sounds incredible! "How do they build audiences and what is their role in building community?" I would be all over that!

    And plus the title just sounds cool, writing in the margins (i'm a huge fan of marginalia--even though that's not exactly what the panel was about, but still)

    And the fact that it was put on by Sixty Inches from Center! Oh man. Srsly, is there a video or something or notes from this event?

    1. Happy to hear it's a subject you're interested in, Matt! Sixty did have someone record the event on video, but I don't think they've shared it online / I have yet to see it!


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