Friday, February 14, 2014


“For the poor, the arts are a path to opportunity.” Props to Americans for the Arts’ Robert L. Lynch and actor / director Robert Redford for writing this letter, which was in response to a recent study revealing that federally funded arts programs benefit people of all income levels. (And yesterday, in related news, President Obama finally named his pick for the head of the National Endowment for the Arts.) Art’s importance cannot be stressed enough.

So tell me. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day…

Penny Byrne's Love Is a Battlefield
at the inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong.

Why do you love art? And what do you love most about art?

(P.S. De La Soul is making their entire catalog available for free download today at 11am EST until tomorrow at noon. Edit: And Gargoyles, my second favorite animated TV show as a kidafter Batman: TASis streaming legally on YouTube. Happy Friday!)


  1. Art Is. As you say Art in heart. It is my waking and sleeping moments, My walk and my talk, hand gestures and sentence structure It is the creative I AM of my being and what I produce is merely a whisper of that Voice. I love that God loved me with a gift of visual expression that stirs the souls of others. So I use my talent as a gift and give my soul searching paintings to you (the viewer) in hopes that it uplifts your spirits, motivates you to strive for excellence, and teaches you the importance of sharing and gifting back. ALWAYS and FOREVER, Happy Valentine's Day

  2. art is love. it is a passage way between the formless and the form, thoughts and reality. The beauty of art is the act, the transcendental moment in which you float away into the whole of existence...


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