Friday, February 1, 2013

Insert decade-old Phantom Planet lyric here

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be in California to explore L.A.’s art scene and to walk faster than everyone else. Since this will be a relatively brief visit, I’ll do a proper write-up when I’m back in Chicago, as I did after my trip to Miami, but—as with all my art travels—you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook for live updates.

For the time being, check out young Iranian street art duo ICY and SOT, whom I met when they stopped by Chicago last week as part of their art tour across America. (Can more visual artists please do this? Go on the road as rock star art stars? I imagine it’s like Almost Famous, but with less Manic Pixie Dream Girls and more chances of getting arrested.) Thanks to artist Avisheh Mohsenin, who participated in both I CAN DO THAT and Exquisite Corpse, for bringing the brothers to my attention. They’ll return in March for an exhibition at Co-Prosperity Sphere, and I’ll be interviewing them before the opening.

And I will end the post with this: Getting postcards from about a dozen children living on the South Side of Chicago, with dreams that include being “the greatest inventor ever in history and [being] remembered forever,” having her / his “face on a bill,” and living “on an island surrounded by sharks” = grinning like a fool at the post office. Happy Febufriday, everyone.


  1. Welcome to California, hope you have a great time! Southern California: Trend and Cultural stuff incubator of the world for about the past 75 years.

    1. Thank you, Patrick! I'm already having a blast.


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