Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh twelve oh yeah // Year in Review

First, an announcement for 2013:

I received a VIP invitation to the inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong, happening in May. Count. Me. In.

And now for a look back at 2012. I’m going to try to make this short and sweet (“try” being the operative word here) because the past year felt short and was oh so sweet.

Photo by Sophia Nahli, 2012.

My year in review:

  • had a blast.

OK fine here are 2012’s top 10 most read posts as well:

10. “I Can Spell // Sorry, Time Out Chicago magazines” – The I CAN DO THAT call for artists flyer.
9. “I / We / Can / Did” – The aftermath of the I CAN DO THAT closing reception.
8. “Hong Kong and China were niu bi // Shanghai off spray paint” – Jetlag.
7. “On ubiquitous banana men, palm readers, and maps” – Featuring a couple I CAN DO THAT artists and an introduction to what would later become Dreams of a City.
6. “Best in Show” – I CAN DO THAT rocked.
5. “Midwesterner in the Middle Kingdom // The Outsider” – Third culture kid angst.
4. “Notes from [an] underground [art scene advocate / Miami Art Week virgin]” – “Your report on Miami is better than any article in any newspaper anywhere.” Dude.
3. “Discussion: Art as political weapon, artist as social instigator // This painting would look nice in my foyer” – With great art comes great responsibility. Maybe.
2. “Winging It, in the Modern— / People’s Choice” – In which I stood in the middle of the Art Institute and harassed museumgoers.
1. “Lucky 13 and More Numbers” – The results of #2’s shenanigans.

Thank you for being a part of such a thrilling year. When I think about 2012, more than anything, I see beautiful people, faces, you—whether you squeezed your way through a crowd at a show and found me, months later; or lingered with me outside a 7-Eleven late at night as you peddled pictures of pop stars; or laughed with me in multiple languages in a photo bookstore halfway around the world; or sat with me on a stoop in the summer heat to talk art and life and the love of it all… this year was painted with the light of new friendships forged, old relationships strengthened, fleeting encounters that left eternal impressions. Here’s to an even brighter year. I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring.

Have a safe and fun New Year’s, everyone.

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