Monday, November 26, 2012

Call for assistants // Taking over the world, Step 1

Chicago is huge. I need help leaving postcards for Dreams of a City. Spread the word / let me know if you’re interested!

In other news: On January 13, I’ll be curating the art exhibit for Caitlin Bergh’s comedy show. (For those of you who came to Exquisite Corpse last year, she was the half-naked girl I smeared paint all over while we blasted weird music and ruined the Fulton Street Collective’s floor.) (For everyone else, she’s a kick-ass rising comic.)

And, in case you missed it from the last post: My most recent show, I CAN DO THAT, was named the audience choice for “Best Art Exhibit” in the 20th anniversary edition of NewCity’s Best of Chicago issue! I cannot thank you all enough. Online and at newsstands now.

One week and two days ‘til Miami!


  1. Bombest art show anyones ever seen would be if you could get the postcards dealt worldwide in EVERY country, with people in EVERY country participating and helping with the planting of the postcard seeds, and then at some point make a movie of the harvest. In this way people at people's level really for real communicated with each other on that equal level and come together for a moment. Unite, as you say. The significance would be deep and satisfying to those who speculate with dreams like that. If I was in Chicago I would be down to pass plant a lot of them, but I'm not so good luck! Maybe some sort of publicity would help get more planters.

    1. My ultimate dream is actually something very similar to this! Ah, to connect every city around the world with art. Great minds, great minds. And thanks!


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