Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Like a Wong Kar Wai movie // except less color saturated

Greetings from Hong Kong! The beautiful big city where people treat you like you’re family. Probably because they really are your family. (My dad’s side of the clan greeted me at the airport yesterday with fruit, biscuits, umbrellas, and an Octopus Card.) (The MTR is arguably the best subway system ever, but just the fact that its card is called an Octopus already means all’s right with the world.) How do you like the new header?

This is a quick postbefore I head to the ART HK Vernissage—to say that I’ll be posting the following soon:
  • Photos and words from Shanghai, a.k.a. Graffiti Heaven (well I made that up but really it is) (teaser below); and

  • A post about art’s intersection with class. (Class as in rich vs. poor. And while I’m on that topic, let it be known that all VIP events and activities, including access to the fair itself, are free. I find that ironic.)

In the meantime…
  • Are you following me on Twitter? You should! I’ve been microblogging about this trip.

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