Wednesday, August 10, 2011


First, another Exquisite Corpse sneak peek. Here’s a wonderful work in progress by Brittany Majka and Carrie McGath, to be added to by Jennifer Moore (check out another WIP by this artist group in the previous post):

Image courtesy of Carrie McGath, 2011.

On to Peru. It was and is, quite simply, beautiful.

Heaving microbuses blasting reggaeton and bearing Hanzi on windows foggy from the passengers packed inside hurtle through congested streets checkered with chifas on every block. Incense burns and yellow confetti powders shaded arcades in celebration of Pago a la tierrathe Andean New Yearpaying tribute to the goddess Pachamama, while Catholic cathedrals loom over colonial plazas. Quechua and Aymara women wearing English bowler hats paired with long braids and layered petticoats share sidewalks with youth in leather bomber jackets and heavy boots. It’s a place of multiculturalism, of tradition and technology, of old and new, of East and West and… Far West.

A barrage of photos after the jump.

More to come.

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