Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Coming: Exquisite Corpse

First, an announcement: This blog has garnered over 2,200 pageviews from over 40 countries within its first week live. That is incredible. Thank you all, especially overseas readers! Keep spreading the word and keep visiting. There will be many new developments coming soon, including artist profiles and galleries, so check back often.

And a teaser: I will be curating a group exhibition titled Exquisite Corpse, opening at summer’s end.

Check back for the official statement and call for artist submissions.

For now, to give you a sense of my curatorial oeuvre thus far, here’s a look into a few of the shows I’ve spearheaded in the past, prior and unrelated to this business:

Somnambulist national group show at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, 2010:

Photo by Robin Rios, 2010.

Collision underground music and multimedia festival in Bushwick, New York City, 2009:

Photo by Julia Alekseyeva, 2009.

The Naked Show
at Postcrypt Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York City, 2007:

Photo and crudely Photoshopped emoticon (so as not to violate the terms of service on Facebook, where this was originally uploaded) by Jenny Lam, 2007.

Et cetera. In other words, look forward to Exquisite Corpse.


  1. so crazy how i recognize these photos! do u have any more photos from collision 09?

    yours truly,


  2. Turts! So good to see you on *this* blog. I indirectly mentioned you in the latest post! I actually don't have ANY documentation of Collision '09 myself; that photo is my friend Julia's. Are you Facebook friends with her? I forget if you've met or not.


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